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2019 Jamis Renegade Exile 56 Ano Palladium

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Starting with a wide and consistent stack and reach range, we set out to design a frame that could handle on or off road conditions while maintaining a comfortable and consistent ride. As you start to review the geo chart you will noticed we have 3 different fork offsets, BB drops and rear center measurements depending on frame size. This is unique.


We set out to ensure every Renegade rider will experience the ultimate in adventure bike performance regardless of their frame size. Most of our competitors simply design one fork and strap it to every frame size. While this may work just fine for a bicycle that's designed to be ridden with a single tire size (think a road racing bike), it significantly impacts the handling and ride quality of an adventure bike when swapping out your 28's for 32s, 40s or even 47mm tires.


Add size specific tubing, where we vary the diameter of the frame tubing depending on frame size and 2 different sized rear triangles and you have what we feel is the perfect adventure geometry for all sized riders and the best riding adventure bike period.

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