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On-the-Spot Services


To keep your bike in great condition, there may be times that a small quick fix is all you need. The Bicycle Shack offers On-The-Spot™ (à la carte) Services. Stop on by with your bicycle and, in most cases, we can get your bicycle taken care of the same day.


The quick fix for your bicycle

Tire or Tube Replaced: $8 (does not include new tube)

Brake adjustment: $20

Derailleur adjustment: $20-$25

Running of brake or shifter line: $30/line, with adjustments (includes cable and housing, does not apply to hydraulics)

Wheel truing: $15-$20 per wheel

Tubeless recharge $10 (includes sealant and proper tire seating)

Tubeless setup or conversion $15-$25 (rim taping, sealant and seating; valve stems extra)

Flat rate hourly charge: $75/hr

Other services available upon request, including installation of parts, suspension service, and hydraulic bleeds and setups